OWL Adventure Lab


With today's technology we are able to work anywhere we want. Why would we stay tethered to a traditional office space? We wanted to work where we adventured. In 2017 we built and eventually sold our first Adventure Lab. We plan to continue helping others achieve office independence and take their working lives out into the wild. One Wild Life offers complete build-outs, and consultations for those wanting to build their own adventure office.

The OWL Adventure Lab is what started it all. In 2016 we renovated a Ford E-450 shuttle bus into the ultimate mobile office space, and opened it to the public as the first ever Mobile CoWork. First we tore it down and then we built it back up, putting our blood, sweat and even a few tears into it. The exterior was finished by Line-X San Diego, with Goal Zero Solar Panels and custom roof racks big and sturdy enough to sleep on custom-designed in collaboration with Jesse Ross Designs.

The interior was done up in rustic beach casual with upcycled wood trim, fold down, wood desktops, coffee table, hand made benches, seating, and featuring T Lina designed window screens, curtains and cushions. A deck extended from the side doors. The Adventure lab had all the amenities of a traditional office but was designed to be versatile as an adventuring vehicle. From wifi to presentations screens but combined with all the things needed for an outdoor adventure including surfer's shower, kitchenette and incredible views.

It will be hard to top the original but we're excited to try.