FILM: East to West on the Coast to Crest

Title: East to West on the Coast to Crest
Role: Executive Producer, Interviewer, Designer
Description: My company, One Wild Life took a small group of riders on a supported overnight mountain biking tour to experience what a completed Coast to Crest Trail (Julian to Del Mar, CA) will look like in the future and learn more about the benefits of open spaces. Currently, the trail is in incomplete, but in progress. The film was to donated to the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy and San Dieguito River Park Foundation for promotional purposes.

What I Learned: As EP I worked on concept, storyboarded the film and scouted the route. There were issues with permitting, crossing private and federal lands, and even accessing the team with the support vehicle. Patience was an essential skill as I waited to find out if we would receive access to the trail, and then be able to quickly assemble the team in the short window provided.

I was the interviewer off-screen for a majority of this film. Interviewing on-camera had a heightened sense of importance to get the “take” right, and hope our subjects-none of whom were coached-to provide us with passionate enough responses.

I designed the opening and closing sequences.

Collaborators: One Wild Life Co., Salcido Visuals, Ranger Dave

Behind the Scenes: