FILM: Night Rider: A Bike Film

Title: Night Rider: A Bike Film
Role: Executive Producer & Creative Director
Description: Night Rider is a short bicycle film that follows the “Night Rider” (Ruben Alvarado) as he explores San Diego at night time. The goal of the short was to inspire cyclists not to fear riding at night, but to look at that as an opportunity to explore their community in a new way. The inspiration for the film was participating in and hosting organized night time bike rides.

The film features the song "My Sun" from Dead Feather Moon, and was accepted into the Action International Film Festival.

What I Learned: Multi-Tasking
I had never directed or participated in a film project before. I sketched a series of concept storyboards, and then collaborated with Cool Guys Productions on site scouting. Site scouting was a much bigger task than I anticipated, and I learned how to marry the real world options with the concept art.

Directing our actor/cyclist and keeping the cinematography team on task was also a new experience, and reinforced skills learned leading teams in other industries. At the end I designed the opening and closing sequences.

As Executive Producer I was also responsible for funding acquisition, developing the marketing, media, and film launch. We had a full house screening during the North Park (SD) Ray at Night Art Walk at North Park Bikes.

Collaborators: Cool Guys Productions (Ryan Foss, Steven Salcido, Austin Atencio) & Ruben Alvarado

Behind the Scenes: While working on this I took a series of photographs of our team.