Benefits of CoWorking

Ann Smarty recently wrote a post for entitled “6 Benefits of Coworking With Strangers”. We already know first hand the benefits of being surrounded by awesome people but she really helps clarify the benefits for us. Her list of 6 is as follows: 

  1. Networking and Collaborating.
  2. Using tools on the go.
  3. Breaking out of your comfort zone.
  4. Working at your own pace.
  5. Making full use of your coworking space.
  6. Avoiding Loneliness.

It’s a decent list, and we definitely feel like the Adventure Lab promotes networking, collaborating and breaking people out of their comfort zone. Even more so than a traditional coworking space. The Lab is a constant influx of unique, entrepreneurial people either working or popping in for a coffee, often after a surf session or bike ride. To that end we’d like to expand on Ann’s list with some Adventure Lab CoWorking space-specific benefits.

7. Getting outside. 
With the doors open and it’s wrap-around windows working inside the Lab is almost like working outside. You can even dangle your feet out off the deck if you need more vitamin-D. Our shade screens make it easy to work on a laptop even on the sunniest days.

Even inside you're basically outdoors.

Even inside you're basically outdoors.

8. Guided outdoor experiences.
We reserve Fridays for outdoor fun and you’re invited. Bike rides, kayaking, hiking, surf sessions are all part of the fun. Sign up for one of our adventure experiences for more challenging expeditions & adventures with a team.

9. Camp CoWork (Coming soon). 
Week long excursions into the wild. Inspiring locations for inspired work. Use the Lab as your home-base or choose a week of digital detox. You’ll be able to focus on your craft while we handle the details. 

10. Feel good about being green.
All the power on the Adventure Lab is generated by the sun, and our GoalZero gear translates that into fully charged laptops, phones, sewing machines, GPS etc. We do nature clean-ups each day whether we are at the beach or in the woods, and almost all our build out materials were recycled & upcycled.

Working on the Adventure Lab will make you happy.

Working on the Adventure Lab will make you happy.

11. Granola.
The best damn home-made granola compliments of the house.
Really. It’s the best.

See you on the Adventure Lab soon.

Learn more about coworking on the Adventure Lab here.