The End of the Road. Not an article about Boys II Men.

Hello everyone. We have a One Wild Life Co announcement. Well, I do. As of last Friday One Wild Life is no longer operating as a corporation. The recent departure of my OWL Co-Founder and the change in focus from the first ever Mobile CoWorking Space and Adventure off-site company to a content creation company and branded adventure creators made me reconsider what I was doing with OWL, why I was doing and if I could be successful doing it. Ultimately, the answer was, "Who the hell knows?" What I did know was that my passion for the new version of OWL was not where it needed to be.

A lot of you will hear from me personally. The support shown to OWL during the creation phase, the opening and operating phase, and especially in this difficult final phase has been, in a word, overwhelming. I can't thank you enough. will remain up, but will be transitioning into a portal for outdoor related writing, reviews and a representation of the work I've done and will be doing. My other project, will be shutting down and I'll transition new creative work under the OWL banner as a sole proprietor.

The driving question behind OWL, "What will you do in your one wild life?" still inspires, and I hope to use the website to continue that push, help create opportunities for others to be in the outdoors. If you've participated in one of our events, a mug club or we've gone out adventuring together you know I couldn't just give that all up! I hope to create more opportunities for us all to gather in the outdoors again soon.

In the short term, I'm going camping and working on a new plan. My hope for you is that you create your own adventure. Get outside. Explore this ridiculously incredible world we've been gifted.

-Ryan Woldt

P.S. And now...Boys II Men.