Mug Club #2: Entrepreneurial Perseverance

"Entrepreneurial Perseverance"

Location: Coffee Cycle
Speaker: Chris O'Brien-Entrepreneur, Owner of Coffee Cycle, Barista, Cyclist
Date: December 15, 2016

We rolled up the Pacific Hwy pretty early but Chris O'Brien, purveyor of fine coffees at Coffee Cycle was already out next to the bike lane. His coffee cafe is custom built on a pedicab frame, and complete with espresso machine, 3-compartment sink, refrigeration and solar power. When he rolls up garage doors in the morning he's a full-service cafe...on a bicycle.


We set up some chairs, sampled some coffee and then Chris regaled us with some tales about how he went from an idea through 3 years of concept development, building, negotiating with the health department and more. When asked if he ever reached a point where giving up on Coffee Cycle was an option he took a moment to consider and then gave us the simplest version of an answer. "No, not really. No."

That's not to say Chris' experience going from barista to entrepreneur to owner was an easy one. Our mug club session touched on some deep topics including the emotional impact attempting to be an entrepreneur takes. There are moments of exultation, moments of depression when it seems like all too much, and collaborative experiences that reinforce the spirit of the journey.

Photo credit to Chris O'Brien, @Coffee_Cycle

Photo credit to Chris O'Brien, @Coffee_Cycle

Chris had a lot of help getting coffee cycle on the road, and he willing gives up credit to those who helped him with the build, gave him space, worked with him to see his dream to fruition. Chris still works part time at Bird Rock Coffee who has supported him in his project from the beginning even providing him with beans for his opening days. The adage "It takes a village" seems apt for Chris' experience and entrepreneurial efforts in general.

Chris' experience developing the concept of Coffee Cycle and seeing it through to fruition is a story worth hearing. Stop by his spot on Pacific HWY. Have a coffee and learn more about Coffee Cycle's evolution. He's currently open Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7am, and will be expanding hours & days in 2017. 

Stay tuned for our next Mug Club in 2017. Details coming soon.

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