Wayward Bound

Written by Ryan Woldt. Images provided by Frank Fina and Tyler Annalora.

Written by Ryan Woldt. Images provided by Frank Fina and Tyler Annalora.

The guys from mobile vintage clothing shop Two Guys Good Buys just dropped their first photo 'zine documenting the adventures of some of the time they, and new friends and collaborators, have spent on the road. The 'zine is called "Wayward Bound," and features some of the beauty, the dust, the mud and inspiring moments these modern nomads have been pursing. We sat down with Frank Fina and Tyler Annalora to talk about how they curated the zine, what inspired it and the appeal of the road.

One Wild Life (OWL): You guys just published your first 'Zine, Wayward Bound. What inspired this project? 

Frank and Ty (2Guys):  Publishing our own photography magazine has been a goal of ours for quite some time. We like the idea of stepping away from the fast paced digital world and creating a hard copy magazine. Something to share that people can hold in their hands and get a feel for the story. 

OWL: How did you choose the photographers and the photos you curated for Wayward Bound?

2Guys: We are stoked to say that all the photographers are friends we met or were introduced to while traveling. Everything was very organic in that way and made the project that much more fun.  

OWL: Looking at Wayward Bound each image seems to evoke some untold story behind it. Did you think about adding context to the images or was it a conscious choice to let the images stand alone?

2Guys: We made a deliberate choice to let the imagery in Wayward Bound speak for itself. Looking to the future, we plan to expand Wayward Bound to incorporate more context for the photographs, and artists.  

OWL: These photos are all from "the road" so to speak. Why do you think there is a movement currently rising towards people choosing a life on the road or seeking out a new kind of adventurous life?

2Guys: We are living in strange times. Our generation realizes this, and is not only smart but also resourceful. The idea of a remote office, or living out of a van isn’t new, the movement towards creating real experiences is just greater. We are all super connected digitally, we believe the way people define community is shifting back to a truer form. 

OWL: Where can people get their hands on Wayward Bound? 

2Guys: Wayward Bound is available on twoguysgoodbuys.com and waywardboundzine.com.