Mug Club #1: Lady Days


Mug Club presents “Lady Days” with Mia Bolton
November 2016

Are you a Lady? Do you surf? Do you know a Lady who surfs? Have you heard of Lady Days? If not, you probably will soon.

The very first One Wild Life Mug Club featured Founder of Lady Days, Mia Bolton. Lady Days is Mia’s passion project to connect surfers, particularly women, and tell their stories. The way she puts it is that there are already communities of women surfers and she hopes to create a platform allowing them to unite.

Our first Mug Club event found us in the Adventure Lab at Ocean Beach Park with a view of the epic OB Pier. The sky was a bit grey with the waves pummeling the shore and the surfers who were out early. We got the morning started right with some locally roasted Better Buzz Sumatra and donuts from Lucky’s in Pacific Beach. Mia arrived early, which considering she had just gotten home at 2am from a yoga & surf trip to Baja was impressive. By the time we were ready to start the Adventure Lab was feeling pretty cozy. 


Mia talked about her inspiration for Lady Days, namely meeting other women surfers, putting their voices out there and creating a community outside the lineup. She’s working out the details in beta mode but envisions monthly gatherings, paddle outs and regular content showcasing women surfers from beginner to pro and everything in between. One of the great components of Lady Days is Mia’s willingness to see and want to provide a voice to those with all different perspectives on life in and out of the waves. 

We finished up the event with some short videos showcasing the personalities of the Ladies Mia has already interviewed and a short Q&A sessions. Almost all the donuts were gone so we know the event was a rousing success.

We’re stoked to be able to host these monthly meet-ups showcasing the outdoors, local adventurers and coffee. Adventures, Community & Coffee. It sounds like a good time to us.


Follow along with Lady Days (and Mia’s) journey on Instagram and for updates on the future You won’t be disappointed. 

Join us at our next Mug Club event Wednesday, December 14th with featured guest Chris O’Brien, founder of Coffee Cycle as he talks about “Entrepreneurial Perseverance.”

Mug Club is BYOM or “Bring Your Own Mug!”
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“It’s awesome!” 
- Everyone.