One Wild Life is Open.

Really? Seriously? No...Really? 


One Wild Life Co. and the OWL Adventure Lab are officially open for business.

One more time...OPEN FOR BUSINESS! 

We couldn’t be more excited. March thru June were spent crowdfunding and coming up with a rock solid plan. July and into August we went hunting for the future Adventure Lab. On August 11th, we shook hands with a man named “Ron” and gave him all our money. On August 12th we chucked that rock solid plan out the window and started over.

Us with Ron.

Us with Ron.

The end of August thru the beginning of October were all about the build out. We sweated. We bled. We cursed and we cheered. Mostly, we learned. We learned about solar power, drilling through fiberglass and how to install a water pump. We learned and relearned the age old lesson of “Measure twice and cut once.” Very rarely things went as planned and we’re a better company for that.



At the end of October, for better or worse we moved our build-out out of Tim’s backyard and started spending that time working at the beach or near the trail. We were working on the website, revamping our business plans, starting collaborations and doing a lot of the back-end work we knew existed but didn’t really understand until we were in it. There was and is still more work to be done but at least we were out there! All the while we kept the doors open and anyone who happened by was welcome to a cup of coffee and chat and to see what we were working on.

We made a lot of new friends.


Our timeline has been skewed. Our original plans flexed and even our more specific goals have changed. But the spirit of what we are putting out in the world has remained the same. We are creating the world we want to be in and offering that experience to others. We’re proud of what we have built, and excited to share it with all of you. We have no desire to put anymore crap into the world. And we want to go on adventures. We want you to come with us.

We’re offering donation-based co-working. You can check out our calendar and join us anytime you like. There will probably be coffee, we’ll have some wifi if needed and a place to work and get inspired by the outdoors.

We’re offering the Adventure Lab as a reservable off-site meeting space for businesses, creative teams and individuals. Imagine a conference room that can go anywhere you want and with amenities that range from coffee and wifi to yoga sessions overlooking your favorite surf spots. We're already working with some cool companies who want to get their employees out of the office, and looking to add more.

We’re facilitating adventure experiences. We want to be in the outdoors. We want you to join us. Whether it’s learning how to bicycle camp or learning night photography from a pro at Joshua Tree National Park we want to bring that to you. Join one of our organized events, or if you have a group of your own give us a shout and we’ll customize something for you.

Thanks for supporting us so far. We hope to see you on the Adventure Lab soon. Follow our adventures in our Field Journal, on Facebook and Instagram. Or get outside and let’s run into each other out there in the world. You can see more photos of the Adventure Lab in our photo gallery.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
• Mary Oliver